There is a time for make-believe. As an adept, it allows us to mimic the activities we see our elders partaking in. Though when the time of maturity comes, do we miss the opportunity to set aside the façade and reveal the growth we have achieved? Or do we still play the play?

It is too easy for many to get stuck in the ritual, and not the rightness. Energy is wasted on an habitual activity instead of the significant message it promotes.

Why do we so easily hide in the apparel? To look apparent? Be leery of any visage which might harness a deception. Are you really you? Ask this question often. Do you dress up in a name, a technique, a set of clothes, or a wielding sword… to make yourself a spectacle? If so, let go of such things. And be adult.

Do not allow the truth you once represented to be transformed into the darkest lie. The image is seductive…. And once you start down such a path, it will eventually dominate and control you… hook, line, and sinker.

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