Age of Complacency

In a time where more uncomfortable situations are left unchecked and a mild eye has turned, we have been systematically targeted towards a complacent mindset. Things are what they are — and the real issues are so beyond our abilities to alter, there is no reason to question the unseen powers who mold us. We have been conditioned to a state of acceptance.

Convienences are now too great to let go. We cannot picture a world without such technological attractions which are so too motivate to eat not only our free time, but even the brief moments of possible tranquility.  As we grow fat, we fight an inner depression with tight schedules  of grind and cyclical patterns of amusement. And the inner machine, hungry for tanked gas and lubricating oil, eventually reaches a state of obsolescence. Oudated and outmoded, we gradually disappear for the next crop after a life of servitude.

Don’t get this wrong — there is nothing wrong in serving. The real concern lies in the benefactors which remain hidden before us. The god-like deities who can shape our preconceptions and turn them into powerful assumptions.

Our idols and images are made of earthly matter. Dare we attempt to tear them down? Have the groves overtaken us? So far they have. Blood suckered we have become. Too weak to move past the delicacies. There is no reason to stop. There is plenty to eat. Why complain?

Yet when the bread fails, and the sustenance falls through, there will be nothing to do but brace oneself, wait, and give up.

The life stock is being fattened for a great offering. Can any still walk?

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