Been doing some question-and-answer videos the last few weeks, and recording the following last night.  It is a long, yet awesome video recording.  Goes over a variety of different subjects concerning the script.  Uncensored and to the point. Sadly these sort of conversations do not happen often, even though people all around have these questions.  Know there are some people out there who will appreciate … Continue reading Sprint

Get Out While You Still Can

This is based on a conversation on a video with my brother Yishai.  Would post the video, yet the video is very disturbing and cannot share it here. Concerning the spiritual realm at this time: The current activity we see today of these dark forces is considered normal and popular in today’s society. We are opening portals that will destroy us. Right now it’s Pokemon … Continue reading Get Out While You Still Can

Spiritual Symbolism of the Script found with the Jedi in Star Wars

Although we highly recommend watching this video series from the very beginning, thought this early video would clarify the base of what this series is about. Again, these messages are very controversial (it will offend people), yet it is something that needs to be shared at this time.  It will go outside of the parameters of religion and Star Wars fandom. Continue reading Spiritual Symbolism of the Script found with the Jedi in Star Wars

Censored Truth, Uncensored Filth

Disappointed in the direction of this society.  There is so many things to comment on, socially, politically, economically, religiously… yet there is no point wasting breath to something which is made up in the minds of countless lost… acting as robotic resources.  Further rushing to complete a task to keep up a corrupted system. There was an older video of very old music worship songs, … Continue reading Censored Truth, Uncensored Filth

The Burning

Finally nearing the end of the move.  Enjoying the new house. There have been many things on my mind, especially the last few weeks with the US judicial rulings on gay marriage (oxymoron) and health care, the vaccine ruling in California, and the earthquake concerns in the Pacific Northwest. Even now, with more things that could be said… it seems best to remain silent and allow consequential judgment … Continue reading The Burning

The Origin is The Future: Babylon and the American Spirit

This time, would like to share an old, forgotten video that provides a very well-researched presentation from the Scriptures and early sources using an interlinear approach.  The speaker here is Rick Coombes, a departed soul who allows the truth to be unearthed… regardless of his traditions or opinions. There are many things that can be said on Babylon (which will be referenced in later posts), … Continue reading The Origin is The Future: Babylon and the American Spirit

Online Discussion and its Future

Good evening, Thought of sharing observations on the future of online discussion and participation. Been noticing how, over time, community-based discussion have taken place in much more blanket, yet regulated, domains. This is a rather disturbing trend. Let the following explain. For instance, when this individual first came online back in the late 1990’s, discussion was much more thought-provoking and productive, while being loosely structured… leading its participants to further truths … Continue reading Online Discussion and its Future

Image Culture

As society degrades, we have slowly seen the elimination of words. Social media has taken us away from informative books and critical news… into peeping Toms, gossipers,  and partakers of amusements. What has led us towards this demise? There was a quote once heard some years back from Gail Riplinger,  from her studies on doctored bible versions. In essence,  she said that we are slowly … Continue reading Image Culture