The Origin is The Future: Babylon and the American Spirit

This time, would like to share an old, forgotten video that provides a very well-researched presentation from the Scriptures and early sources using an interlinear approach.  The speaker here is Rick Coombes, a departed soul who allows the truth to be unearthed… regardless of his traditions or opinions. There are many things that can be said on Babylon (which will be referenced in later posts), … Continue reading The Origin is The Future: Babylon and the American Spirit

Online Discussion and its Future

Good evening, Thought of sharing observations on the future of online discussion and participation. Been noticing how, over time, community-based discussion have taken place in much more blanket, yet regulated, domains. This is a rather disturbing trend. Let the following explain. For instance, when this individual first came online back in the late 1990’s, discussion was much more thought-provoking and productive, while being loosely structured… leading its participants to further truths … Continue reading Online Discussion and its Future

Image Culture

As society degrades, we have slowly seen the elimination of words. Social media has taken us away from informative books and critical news… into peeping Toms, gossipers,  and partakers of amusements. What has led us towards this demise? There was a quote once heard some years back from Gail Riplinger,  from her studies on doctored bible versions. In essence,  she said that we are slowly … Continue reading Image Culture

Let’s Not Kid Ourselves

We are in a heap of ignorance. The structure of current society, while hanging by a thread, is held together by inter-perceptional images we are only too happy to bow down and break bread for. How we cradle these fantastical depictions.  And through these images, we perceive an independent flesh… while ignoring the materials of wood and stone the crafters have molded.  For we are merely clay jars.  Pottery which truly hold no … Continue reading Let’s Not Kid Ourselves

Age of Complacency

In a time where more uncomfortable situations are left unchecked and a mild eye has turned, we have been systematically targeted towards a complacent mindset. Things are what they are — and the real issues are so beyond our abilities to alter, there is no reason to question the unseen powers who mold us. We have been conditioned to a state of acceptance. Convienences are now … Continue reading Age of Complacency